Item Story :
Our beautiful oriental handcraft is a true masterpiece using Mother Of Pearl and Mulberry lacquer.
Each of the feaures painted on the surface has their own special meaning.

To make one, single item, the artist has to go through a 10 hard steps procedure.
1. MotherOfPearl collecting from nature 2. Smashing 3.Mulberry lacquer 4. Covering with cloth
5. Coloring the wood 6. Live lacquer 7. Decorating with MotherOfPearl 8. Coating with lacquer 9. Polishing 10. Drying

With Abalone MotherOfPearl from deep sea, Handcraftman carefully make a beautiful feature not using a single pen, then he puts the art on the lacquered wood,
lacquers again, polish the cover dry it for a week. After it is dried, he puts secondary feature on the wood, again lacquering and drying procedure.
The masterpiece apears after about four times of Repeating procedure. Total making period is 50 days to 60 days for one masterpiece.
Because of this handcrafting method, There could be only one masterpiece in the world, every has a slight difference.
Can't be made in a factory. But only in a 30years or more proffesionals which are certifed from goverment years ago to inherite this oriental art skill.